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A lots of small vendor businesses very well know about vendor listing sites and Online vendor business directories.  But, many of them aren’t quite clear on how local vendor business listing benefits to their business.

Online vendor business directories aren’t only a digital version of the Yellow Pages or directories.  Vendor directories are extensive platforms, a perfect tool to promote your business online. 

Online vendor directories and Company services listings India can create wonders to your business. This article will help you about the advantages of online Business Services Directory for local services listings. And will educate you with local vendor listing sites and services business directory.

Benefits of Online Business Services Directory

Below are the advantages of online vendor business directories and local services listings: 

There are many advantages of online vendor directories. Which lists local vendor services and help promote it online. Few of the advantages are below. 

Company Directory Listing Benefits:

India company listings by category - indyapages

IMAGE: Top Indian company listings by category - IndyaPages business directory


Company Directory is to promoting businesses in best possible ways online. Promoting your services through an online vendor business directory is a smart as well as time-saving business move. It positions your business among the leading providers via search engines. IndyaPages Company Directory listing is a great way to promote your services to a focused audience. For a flat fee, your product or service will get listed for a lifetime.

Business Directories are Cost Effective

There are many online advertising sources out there, which cost hundreds of $$. Many online vendor directories are available for free to list your service business. Example: Indyapages Online business directory. If you are looking for more features, it may cost you few dollars.

  1. more than one business listings
  2. Many location listings, 
  3. many category listings, 
  4. location map,  
  5. a website link
  6. adding videos and photos etc.

Greater Local Visibility of Your Vendor Business

Online vendor business directories submit and suggests your business to search engines. They also had advanced filtering abilities. For turnkey interior designing company’s online vendor listing is very beneficial. This also applies to all services business categories. Vendor directories or services directories help connect services business with its local community.

Help Discover Your Business More in Online Searches

Local vendor directories-listing sites allows users to search by keywords, location, or service. Users can also search by service categories, or sub-level-categories. This is very helpful for services business to make specific searches of what they want. If you had created a complete vendor listing with all the relevant info, your vendor listing will show up. The more accurate your listing information is, the more visitors you will get online.

Improve Your Business Repute

Online vendor business directories allow user to give reviews about their local businesses. This will help services businesses to improve their reputation by getting positive reviews.  This can attract negative reviews too, but as a vendor, you can handle it well. It is important to note here that negative reviews also helps your services business. A blend of positive and negative reviews shows your visitors you are a trusted as vendor.

Vendor Directories Help Strengthen SEO and Local Citation. Google and other search engines always look for trusted businesses. So, if you provide complete clear vendor listing about your services you will get good rank in SEO. It is very important you also make a google my business listing for higher local ranking.  

Increase Your Link Popularity

Link popularity is the quality ranking of your links. Like "domain authority, page rank, Moz Rank ahref ranks". It is always based on the number of inbound links that you will have to your website. Listing in vendor directories gets you a link back to your website. the more such links you have the better it is for your vendor business to increase link popularity. Vendor Bazaar Company Directory listing can improve your link popularity.

Increased Visibility in Search Engines

Rank your website more popular than other similar sites to internet users is often tough. It may take placing advertisements in many web master sites, plus vendor listings. Su. Submitting links to search engines is one of the ways to achieve this goal. Listing your services in vendor directories will improve your ranking position in online. 

Get discovered by potential Investors and Partners (B2B Marketing)

Online Company Directory sites help build local citation. These are the websites where potential clients will search for businesses like yours. By adding your complete business info in vendor directories, you can increase citation. Business information like: 

  • Company name
  • Services listing
  • Address or your      business
  • Products offers
  • etc.

Generate Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Submission to IndyaPages Company Directory will build trust to your business online. The increased trust will give your site higher traffic. Higher traffic to your site means more clients and business.  It will help grow your business. 

Direct Advertising Exposure in Company Directory

Addition to your vendor listing page in IndyaPages Company Directory, also advertise services. This is in IndyaPages free ads pages. This will help more and more people to see and visit your site and buy from you. 

Get Noticed

Making a profit is difficult in a market where competition is tough for service industry. By listing in IndyaPages Company Directory is the best way to get your name out there. Millions of people search for businesses and services like yours online. You must list your business to get the best out of it, and to achieve success. 

A listing in IndyaPages Company Directory makes your vendor business popular, generate traffic. We want your business grow and gain exposure, so take the next step to make the best and submit to our directory. 

As Vendor You Want to Get Listed and Discovered Online?

After all the advantages of local vendor listing above, want to list your business online. Improve visibility and search ranking? Then IndyaPages will help to achieve it. The perfect online Company Directory listing to get your business listed.

What to include in Services Business Directory

Now, your business listing is complete. But is it listed to get best possible exposure online? If it’s not, you are limiting your ability to reach potential customers to find you. Make your business discovered in online searches, by filling all the relevant details. Ensure your business name, location, description of business, photo, services are all listed the way it should be. Take a look below to see all the relevant info is complete.  

1. Business Name

It is your responsibility to ensure your business name is correct and accurate. We find many business name spelt wrong and filled with your person’s name. Keep your business name consistent across all channels online. Or you will be losing potential customers and clients by minute.

If you list your business as “Identity Retail Innovation Pvt. Ltd.” on, don’t list it on Google+ as “Identity Retail” — consistency is key in marketing.

2. Business Address

The most important part of your vendor listing is to have the "correct" address. This applies to business that do not have a meaningful presence, its only online.  Without an address Google may de-rate your listing on online searches and rankings. Which, in-turn will bring down your online visibility.  If you don’t have a business location, enter your home address so that Google will recognize your listing. You need to do this for Google+ anyway so its good to get into the habit of doing so.

3. Tracked Phone Number

Provide a phone number in your listing. It gives more credibility to your business. Our recommendation would be to have a tracked phone number for vendor listings.  If you don’t have a tracked phone line, use your regular business line. This is the number that people will call when they want to get in touch with your business. So, make sure to list a number associated with your business.

Company listings from India by business categories - indyapages

IMAGE: Best company directory from India online - IndyaPages business directory

4. Business Website

Not all local vendor business directories allow you to list your website. It will cost little extra money to have websites to get listed. Your customers will want to get in touch with you and will want to learn more about your business. And they will look at your website to learn more about your business before contacting you. Listing your website allows your potential customers to get in touch with you. Listing your website also increases the chances that customers will access it.  From the local business directory.

5. Photos

While not all directories allow photo uploads, in some cases it is an option. Wherever possible, uploading a photo helps associate a face with your business.  Which can increase the chances that someone will want to contact you. The photo can be of the business itself, a person, or the product. Businesses that have a visual element, like a home improvement company, a interior designers, or an event manager will benefit by adding pictures to their local directory listings. Pick something that you think will resonate with your customers and help make you stand out.

Is your service business listed in all these local business directories with relevant info?

Local Business Directory Sites

1. Google My Business  As far as businesses concerned, Google is the head honcho of the internet. Having a Google My Business account for your business will do wonders to get your business found online and in the face of local customers. It will also allow you to have a Google Maps listing, where customers can leave reviews.

2. Bing

3. Yahoo! Local

4. Yelp

5. Superpages

6. Whitepages

7. MerchantCircle

8. Yellowbot

9. CitySearch

10. IndyaPages Online Business Directory - a fast growing business directory listing site from India

Many times, we find that a business (especially if it is new) is not listed at all in a directory. If you’re one of these businesses, take an hour and register your business on Google+, Yelp, and Yahoo to start.

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