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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Indyapages Online Indian Business Directories

Business Promotion is easy with Indyapages!

Read the most frequently asked questions before making your business profile

  • Why you should register your business with Indyapages Online Business Directory?

    Like you millions of people search business like yours in google or other search engines every second, 24 hours a day. People search with keywords or phrases that they are looking to find, choose and buy from. If you are not listed in business promotion websites like indyapages online business directory, the chances are they will find your competitor business and they go and buy from them!

    In short: by listing in business directories like Indyapages Online Business Directory, you can increase chances of your business showing up, when people search. Like you millions of people search business like yours in google or other search engines every second, 24 hours a day. Your listing with us acts as promotion of your business online.

  • What is "Indyapages" means?

    Indyapages means, "Indya" as in India. When you pronounce India, always ends up sounding "Indya".  Pages means here different business listings online (internet) or free online classifieds ads from India. So for us India+Pages means "Indyapages" OR "Indyapage" not IndiaPages OR IndiaPage (India Page)!

  • What are Domains owned by Indyapages Online Business Directories?

    http://www.indyapages.com  www.indyapage.com , https://www.indyapages.in  www.indyapages.org are the domains owned by Indyapages online directories

  • Is Indyapages Business Listings Free?

    Indyapages Online Business listings are absolutely Free for Basic users. For a small free you can always upgrade your listings any time you want, with no other obligation.

  • What do Basic Free Listing members get for "FREE"?
    • Basic Free Listings members will getA life time Free listings for their Business. (**The below features can change from April 2018, without notice**)


    • Company Name or Business Name or Personal Name
    • With proper listings in your own chosen Category and or Sub-Category
    • Full Address listing synced to Google Maps (See Video), so that your potential clients can use google maps to get the accurate direction to visit your office -business location
    • Detailed listing of your company/Business opening hours
    • Detailed listings of opening hours of your business - so that people can see and schedule
    • Detailed Description of your business. You can add as much information as you want for your business to get maximum number of clients
    • Detailed product catalogue pages
    • Write business blogs - Free listings members will get an opportunity to blog about their interested field, business, about their products or service. So that local business can use it to reach many people online from around the world
  • How can I add my business ( create my business listings) to the Indyapages Online Business Directory?
    • Getting your business listed in Indyapages Online Business Directory is easy!
    • Open your browser chrome, firefox, or Internet explorer (or any other) and type www.indyapages.com .  Indyapages Online business directory home page will open up.
    • Once you are on indyapages home page, go to GET LISTED TODAY ; button on top right of the home page (see video). Basic Free listings checkout page will open up.
    • On the Free listings page enter your email, and passwords, both twice to reconfirm, and submit form. Once you click on submit button, you will be taken to your user dashboard - your private space. Where you can start creating your business listings.
  • How to "Activate" my business listings?

    On submission of Basic Free Listings form you will get an activation email in your email address that you have given for Free sign up, which will have links to activate. Click on that link or copy paste that link to activate your listings with Indyapages online Business Directory. If you did not received the email, please check your spam folder. Indyapages never send any spams, but depending on your email server policy some time the activation mail goes to the spam folder.

  • Why "you should not activate" your incomplete business profile of business listings?

    Activating your business means you are making your business listings seen by the public. without activation from your email your listings won’t be seen by other people searching in intent. 

    Your incomplete business profile means nothing. It will not help your busienss show-up in google or other search engines when people search online (intenet). For that reason you should always complete your business listings profile before activating your business profile in Indyapages online business directories. 

    You should use the listings tabs in your dashboard to fill your:

    • name
    • company name
    • choose the category of your business,
    • use the address bar to type your correct address,
    • fill business listing details
    • upload profile photos, Logo
    • business description,
    • service areas etc. - before activating your listings or before making your business listings public. 

    **See here an example of complete free business listings**

  • How can I make changes to my business directory listings at Indyapages?

    As a member of Indyapages online business directories, you can make changes to your listings any time you want, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There are many competitor business directories that wont allow you to change your free listings once made or limit the number of times you can change. But in Indyapages change as you wish!

    To change your listings: 

    • login to your member dashboard. Go to www.indyapages.com and go to MEMBER LOGIN member login at the top right of the home page. (see video)
    • on member signup form enter your registered email and password. 
    • you will be taken to your private member dashboard
    • change anything as you wish
  • How do I decide which category to place my business in?

    On the member dashboard contact details tab, you will have the ability to select a main category to place your business listing. Please pick the main category from here. You can pick only one main category.  On the Listing details tab you can choose the sub-category of the business you are into. You can only pick one sub-category as free listing member. As a paid member you can pick up to 5 sub categories. These will be used as guidelines during the verification process. The verification process will place the business listing within a category based on your submission and how it compares to standard code of categories. See all the MAIN CATEGORIES available at Indyapages Business Directories.

  • How do I submit a picture for my listing?

    You will need an image file in the standard .jpg format already saved to your computer. Under the Manage Listings button, there is an option to "profile photo" and "Profile Logo". Incase if you do not have a Profile Photo and Profile Logo the default Indyapages Member logo and default Indyapages Member Profile Photo will appear in your business profile. You can submit .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG or .PNG images here. Simply click on the "Upload Photo" button and select the image from your couputer or mobile and click save. Path to the image on your computer and this file will then be sent to our server and attached to your business directory listing. Please do not close browser until attachment has been sent, otherwise, your file will not be received.

  • Why You should not upload vulgar or adult contents, images or videos that are not yours?

    Indyapages has a strict policy that the directory will not entertain business that are not for children of 12 years+ or older. Contents of porn or adult only are not entertained. Please note that as member of Indyapages community you should not upload images to the directories that are deemed vulgar, in proper, images of crime, or any image that seems to defame, any personalities, businesses or whatsoever. If anyone seems to have uploaded any such contents will be deactivated without notice and penalties will be charged as per law for on case by case basis. For more information please read our TERMS OF USE, and PRIVACY POLICY before making your listings

  • How often is the Indyapages Business Directory updated?

    The business directory is updated on an ongoing basis as on-line submission forms are submitted and verified. Once a year, Indyapages will endeavor to carry out a notification process. This process will inform new businesses of the directory and its submission form and will remind existing businesses to keep their information up-to-date.

  • Why you should to terms and conditions and site usage policy?


    By signing up you automatically agree to our privacy policy. The policy is subject to change without notice. It is your sole responsibility to frequently check and update yourself on it                


    By signing up either as free member or paid member you must adhere to Terms or Usage policy of Indyapages online directory features and assets. Terms are subjected change without notice. By signing up you automatically agrees to the terms of usage of Indyapages Online. It's your sole responsibility to read, understand the policy and keep updating yourself. And misuse will invite penalties to Indyapages Online directories or to the aggrieved parties on a case by case  

  • Is the Indyapages Business Directory available in hard copy or electronic format?

    No. At this time, it is not possible to receive a download of this information in it's entirety. This directory is intended for viewing purposes only and is meant to be used on-line. It is not intended for resale or commercial use. A full disclaimer is available on the site under the Terms and Conditions.

  • What are the Indian Industrial Classification (NIC) codes and why do we use them.

    NIC -Industrial classification has been used in India for conducting Population Census, Industrial Surveys, National Income Estimates, etc. National Industrial Classification (NIC) is the standard classification followed for classifying economic activities. To find out more information visit their website at https://data.gov.in/keywords/industrial-classification We code all businesses with the NIC system in order to compare business activity with other geographical areas, and for the purpose of viewing and comparing the changing industry base in our community. By using these standard codes, it also provides a statistical measurement to compare other socio-economic data.

  • What are the standard requirements for being included in the Indyapages Online Business Directory?

    • Businesses should ideally located within the boundary of India. However, Indyapages Online database uses open source database to pinpoint your location data from 252 countries, and you can make listings from those countries.
    • Businesses must meet the Counties's business licensing requirements, where applicable.
    • Business must agree and comply to the terms of use and privacy policy.
    • Businesses must authorise the publication of their information through the submission of the on-line form.

  • What is the reference number for?

    We provide a unique reference number for tracking abilities, in case you would like to contact us regarding your current listing. This unique number is used to identify each update that we receive so that they don't get mixed up. Additionally, it ensures that the most recent update will be applied to your business directory listing, in the event that multiple updates have been submitted.

  • Why are all businesses not listed in the Indyapages Business Directory?

    Participation in the business directory is voluntary, not mandatory. It simply reflects those businesses who wish to participate in the on-line directory. In order for the information to appear on the internet, businesses must meet the standard municipal requirements.

  • Why are there "Required Fields" on the submission form?

    In order for the validation process to work successfully, base information must be confirmed with internal data already stored in the Indyapages databases. Up-to-date contact information allows open communication between the business and Indyapages staff, and authorization ensures that each business has given their permission to be posted to the public site for viewing. Business Name, Business Address, Business E-mail, Products/Services, Contact Name, and Contact E-mail are the basic fields of information required for every listing.

  • Why do I get an error when submitting my information?

    Error messages may appear when:

    • Connection to the internet was lost during the update process
    • The BACK button was pressed in your browser
    • You have not completed all the required fields of information prior to submission
    • Your address does not exist in our database as submitted
Business Listing - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a business address to create business listing

    In order to create a a business listing with Indyapages Indian business directory it is necessary to have a business address. If you do not have one, write to us, we could help support your cause. By giving proper location for your business in our maps help your visitors drive to your business easily.

  • Should I have a business name or legal name of business?

    At Indyapages business directory, you can create a business listing or you can also create a professional listing for yourself. It is not necessary to have a business name or legal name for your business to list with Indyapages business directory. However, if you have a name it is important to provide the name.

  • How I should enter legal name of business?

    Legal name of the business should be entered in the "company name" feild only. It is important that you give your own name and sir name above space. You should not give city name, profession (category) name inside the company name feild. Once our admin notices anything like a location name, category name inside the company name, we will have it deleted.

  • Should I upload our own logos and profile images?

    If you have a business logo and profile image, you should upload the same. If you do not upload logo, our default logo will show up in your public listings. If you need support in creating a logo, we are happy to create one for you for a small fee.

  • Should I select categories and sub-categories?

    Indeed it is very important that you link your business to correct category and sub-category that is related to your business. Linking to proper categories helps you build local citation local citation for your business.

  • Can I enter website link inside of the "about" text coloumn?

    Yes, only if you are a paid member. If you are a free member you can always buy website link from us for a small fee. If you are a free listed member and enters website links inside the "about us" text box, our administrators will have it removed. For continuesly entering the website links inside about us tab your listing can get revoked or suspended.

  • Can I enter my contact mobile number inside of the "About Us" tab?

    Yes, only if you are a paid member, we will provide space for mobile number. If you are a free member you can always buy Mobile number from us for a small fee. If you are a free listed member and enters phone numbers inside the "about us" text box, our administrators will have it removed. For continuesly entering the phone numbers inside about us tab your listing can get revoked or suspended.

  • Can I enter my contact email address inside of the "About Us" tab?

    NO, in no situation we will allow email address anywhere in the website in visible manner. Search engines penalise websites with visible email addresses, for the reason that spamsters will grab the email address and send spam mails. If anyone seems to be not following this will have their account suspended

Free classifieds listing - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can post a free classifieds listing without a business listing with Indyapages business directory?

    NO. If your business listing is incomplete and wants to make a free classifieds listing, your account will be deactivated until your business listing is complete. The first priority is to create a proper business listing. Than only you should create a free classifieds listing or product catalogues or blog posts etc

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