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Take Your Small Local Business Online

The best bet to build online presence is listing in business directories

The neighbour hood local businesses rely heavily on local customers for their day to day transactions. Marketing focuses on driving foot traffic from people who live nearby, with the low budget that they have. Because those near by audiences are using the internet for review into purchases, it’s essential that offline businesses still maintain a good and robust online presence.                   

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This could be about your online efforts are about raising awareness in the community and offering people the business information they need to make a decision or answer a question. It’s about creating connections with potential customers and speaking directly to them when and where they’re active, which means online.                   

Taking your offline business online may seem intimidating and time consuming. That’s why this guide will lay out the necessary steps and show you the best, most effective way to engage in online marketing and bring in new customers.                   

Step #1: Create Listing With Popular Business Directory

Indyapages is the most popular Indian business directory. It’s ranking, features and ease of use make it a great choice for Indian companies looking to create their business listing online.                   

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Popular business directories like ours, is just for creating a business listing. Other than business listing, indyapages has detailed classifieds listing portal, blog portal and article listing services. The idea of blogging may be a bit intimidating, especially for those who are new to online marketing.                    

Insider Tips To Succeed With Business Listing

  • Decide whether you want to use the blog feature or just create business listing
  • Read and understand sites terms of use and privacy policy
  • Optimise the listing with standard listing SEO techniques
  • Optimise the site for search results, including page names

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Step #2: Buy Click-to-Call Services For Listings

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk, click-to-dial, click-to-chat and click-to-text, namely Web-call is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time either by phone call. To know more please read here:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click-to-call

Click-to-call facility with your local business listing

Click-to-Call facility offered by some business directories are the hot new business support tool. Big and small companies use them to get calls from potential customers. They often act as a first point of contact for customers and others with questions or comments. They’ve been shown to save time and money, making them an attractive option for businesses.                   

Insider Tips To Succeed With Click-to-Call facility

  • 88% of visitors are more likely to contact your company if you provide a “click-to-call” button in your business directory listing site
  • According to a study by Marchex, consumers will spend $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms this year.
  • Before making a purchase, customers often want access to more information -- and quickly.
  • Click-to-call is one of the easiest solutions you can give users to quickly get in touch with you for free using a link or call-to-action (C2A) button on your website.
  • Define the goals, whether it’s handling simple questions or actually converting sales, and provide the necessary intentions with contact management systems, payment backends or anything else
  • Determine which questions and what information you’d like the Click-To-Call  handler to take and have answers ready.
  • Do your research to see similar business like your already using Click-To-Call already

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Step #3: Keep Updating Your Local Listings

An essential part of your local business’s online success will depend on creating an attractive listing in an online directory of local businesses along. Local business listing sites are the sites people often turn to when they’re looking to fill whatever need is in front of them, whether it’s a trustworthy skilled professional (e.g. plumber, carpenter, lawyer etc.) or something more fun like a new ice cream shop, restaurant, or coffee bar.                   

There are dozens of services that offer local business directories and listings, so many it can seem like an overwhelming task to establish a presence on all of them. That’s why you need to turn to the most popular Indian business directory like ours or of a professional who knows how to effectively and efficiently include your business on multiple sites. Turning to professional to do the listings is an expensive method. Wherein we have an easy to use user dashboard where you can do all by yourself.                   

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Google My Business is an important tool that you can’t do without. With Google commanding, as we’ll see later, so much of the search market being included in its own directory is essential. Not only does Google My Business allow you to create a listing for your business but shows you how customers are interacting with your listings

Google emphasizes regular updates and customer engagement and interaction as key tactics for success.                   

It’s not sufficient to pick one and hope for the best. But if you have selected one as a popular one as ours, it will help. With so many listing directories available, people will have a favorite that is consistently valuable and reliable. That could mean the difference between making a sale or not. 

Insider Tips To Succeed With Local Listing Services

  • Do your own research
  • Determine the relevant information to include, including phone number, hours of business, website, physical address and more
  • Choose business directory popular in your country
  • Choose business directory that helps you to sync your address to google maps direction for free
  • Optimize search discovery by accurately pin pointing to the correct category and sub-category and keywords relevant to for your business
  • Choose business directory that allows you to monitor comments, feedback and reviews left on those listings 
  • Explore options for paid promotion to bring your listing to the top of relevant search results on the directory site

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Step #4: Create And Manage Social Media Channels

According to Pew, as of 2016 over 69% of all Americans were using some type of social media. It’s where people are finding their news, staying connected with family and friends, and, most importantly for you, receiving updates from brands and companies they like.                   

The reasons people follow a company or brand:

  • Interest in the product or service they offer
  • The promise of exclusive or early promotions, coupons and deals
  • Desire to engage with the brand for one reason or another, including customer support

share your listing using social share icons

Share your business listing profile to social media 

All that means establishing and maintaining an active social media presence is an essential part of your online marketing efforts. Unlike other kinds of marketing, it’s a way to speak directly to current or potential customers and create an immediate and dynamic connection with them. It takes work, though. Social media content programs depend on a steady, consistent cadence of updates and posts. Each one is another opportunity to reach the audience and for them to not only engage with your message but also potentially spread it to their own network. 

Insider Tips To Succeed With Social Media Management

  • Provide your social media links in your business listing. Some business directories as ours provide this features, from where you can tweet, share your business profile to your friends
  • Establish regular reporting to measure network growth and engagement as well as metrics including site referrals, conversions, and more

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Step #5: Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing tactics a local business can engage in. It’s key to offline businesses finding online success. Google dominates the search market, accounting for over 77% of the people who are making 6.5 billion search queries daily worldwide. Those people are searching for something specific, often a solution to a problem they have or a product they’re interested in buying. In either case, it’s important for your business to be positioned as a resource with tips, answers, and available products or services. There are two ways to effectively address SEO and implement it in your online marketing. B2B Listings       


SEO for local business success

The first comes at SEO from the content angle. This is where page titles, tags, and metadata are important. A website should be keyword-optimized so people searching for that term can find it. If you are using WordPress as a blog as well as a site CMS, consider how post titles can contribute to SEO. The local directory listings will also factor heavily into this approach.                   

The second approach is more technical, involving specific tools that can be installed to aid in SEO efforts. Again, if you’ve chosen WordPress for site management there are a number of plugins that make optimizing pages and posts easy.

Tips To Succeed With Search Engine Optimization

  • Work with an expert to identify keywords that will drive traffic to your website
  • Work with your content expert to activate a blog and create content that’s not only keyword-rich but also specifically designed to answer customer questions or solve problems

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Step #6: Buy And Run Search And Display Marketing

Search engine optimisation is just one part of a bigger tactical approach referred to as search engine marketing (SEM). While SEO primarily focuses on increasing the organic (unpaid) position a website or page in search results, SEM includes paid promotion of those sites or pages.                   

Like organic SEO efforts, paid SEM efforts are largely focused around keywords. In this case you’re buying keyword-based ads that will help your site appear higher in search results when people search for that term. This can be an effective site traffic generator, pointing visitors to specific content or starting them along a path to conversion.                   

Often paid SEM efforts will be centred around a unique landing page, one that’s optimised to achieve a particular goal. In some cases, that could be something immediate like acting on a sale. In others it could be a delayed action such as opting in to hearing from a sales or customer service representative in the near future.                   

Working alongside SEM on the paid front is display advertising and marketing. These are paid promotions that look more like traditional online ads. Unlike the text ads of SEM, display ads usually include photos or videos and may come with or without sound. They convey the value proposition to the audience and include a clear and direct call-to-action, usually to click or call now. Instead of appearing within search results, these ads are placed on another website - a blog, news site, or elsewhere - to reach the audience of that site. 

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Insider Tips To Succeed With Search Engine Marketing

Define your campaign keywords by identifying what people are already searching for, whether it’s for you or your competitors

Take advantage of Google’s geo-targeting ability to make sure you’re reaching a relevant audience. Set your budget and determine the length of your campaign Create media assets, either photo or video, that can be used in display ads. Ensure your campaign landing page identifies the value proposition and has a clear call to action to optimise the visitors you’ve paid to acquire                   

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Step #7: Buy Paid Listing Services

One important factor that you should not overlook is to availing paid listing service with business directory that you have listed with. With paid listing, often a small amount, you can get much more features and benefits that will help your local business in long run.      

Insider Tips To Succeed With Search Engine Marketing             

  • Here are some benefits comes with paid listings:
  • Multiple location listing
  • Multiple category listing
  • Top of the search listing in all locations
  • Click-to-Call facility
  • Article submission facility
  • Video listing facility
  • Keyword or tag pup up for your business category

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By following these steps to increase your online presence will help your business to attract more clients. Be sure you have people to  to help and answers with answers for any enquiries from potential clients.  When they have questions, giving them all needed information are an easy way to build trust. 

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