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About Indyapages: Indyapages is an Indian search advertising technology company based in Bangalore, India. Indyapages provides technology and related services to small and medium business to achieve success through its online business listing platform. Indyapages also provides value added services like article writing, blog writing, branding, graphic design and search engine optimization services. Indyapages was started in year 2015, and within a short span of time its the top ranked India business listing site providing complete business information to site visitors. Currently site has over 40,000 page view per month and has an alexa rank of 23,300 in India. Site has DA of 27 and PA of 32.

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How it works with Indyapages business listings

List your business with Indyapages Indian business listingEnter Your Location & Business Information. And Just Relax 

We have designed the platform so easy for you to enter your business information, mark your exact location to the world map. You just enter the complete business information including your location and adjust the location pointer in the map. You can check in claim listings to avoid any duplicate listings. We ensure your listings are consistent online, so that new customers can discover your business easily.  

Indyapages online directory, about us!

Indyapages is a complete online directory for B2B, Manufacturers, Local Businesses, Local Service Providers, Trade & Industry Professionals. It is the fastest growing directory in India. It is the best directory online for all your online listings and online advertising. Indyapages is the only complete online directory system in India that provides listings + classifieds + events + blogs + product or service articles + product listings + video & audio listings for you. We challenge if another directory site in India that provide all this in one platform.


Increase your online presence 

We Guarantee You, Great Consistent Online Presence.             

Indyapages creates and maintains your business listings, profile information on the websites, mobile, apps, and directories that factor most into local search results. Once you upload your location data to India pages, it’s easy to push your business listings information & location details to the major search engines. You can use indyapages to create and update your listings, manage your location information at any time, re-verify your listings, and find and resolve any duplicate listings. Also use Indyapages to update the products and services offered by you, to post your product or service articles, post free ads and classifieds worldwide or to make a blog post about your products to increase your online presence and maximum mileage online. We guarantee your online presence.




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Yes! You wants to take the full advantage of our site, and wants to be on top in all member listings, products category, ad posting, and blog posts. Wants to get more exposure, business leads & clients. For a small fee you get first level in searches, top in all listings in our site, ads free full page listings and whats more, with a header less and footer less listings, all your own. 


Upgrade Listing  


Check if your listing is already there, to avoid duplicate listings. Because your company is popular, so we have made your listings already. You just need to claim it. 

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You have Multiple Locations? You Want to List Your Business in Multiple Categories? No problem, We Have a Solution 

Multi country location or multi category listings - we have solutions
Ensuring your business 100% accurate listing & consistent online presence is our responsibility. You may list your business in multiple locations, multi-country, and also in multi categories for a small fee. Yes, thats right. Leave it to us. and just concentrate on serving your clients.
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