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Posted by Mbhitech Solutions on 16/09/2017 in Other

Multiplayer Checkers Game

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The #1 Free & Real Money multiplayer Checkers Game with the largest community in the world

MBHiTech Solutions provide multiplayer checkers game online for web & android platform to play game with friends & family. If you are planning to start your own dream business online of checkers game then we would be happy to serve you to get your idea's into reality. Our game development experts will develop multiplayers checkers game real time with other players from world wide.

Checkers is a game of skill played by two players. American Checkers ( also known as English draughts) is played on the dark squares of a standard checkerboard of 64 squares. Each player has 12 Checkers of different colors (usually red and white). The object of the game is to prevent the opponent from being able to move when it is his turn to do so. This is accomplished either by capturing all of the opponent's Checkers, or by blocking those that remain so that none of them can be moved. If neither player can accomplish this, the game is a draw.

This popular game is known as “Checkers” in the United States, and “Draughts” in much of the rest of the world. It is a two-player game played on a board made up of 64 alternately-colored squares, eight to a side. Each player starts with 12 pieces. The object is to capture all of your opponents pieces before he captures yours. Pieces are moved one at a time, and are always made on the diagonals. Opponents pieces are captured by jumping over them. The first player to capture all of his opponent’s pieces is the winner.
Play online Checkers tournaments to sharpen your game, show off your skills, and win a few bucks from your unlucky opponents.

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