Indyapages Guarantees Active Reputation Monitoring Management.

Indyapages.com - the most trusted business listings provider in India!

  • “We are so certain you’ll love Indyapages.com listings reputation monitoring and management services.” Indyapages.com is the most trusted listing service provider in India offering location data management, active reputation management services, instant submission of your location and listings data to search engines, real time listing update, instant search engine submission, Google my business sync, location listings dashboard and more
  • Indyapages.com Listing services are fully refundable within 30 days of the purchase, incase if you are not fully happy with our services. Indyapages provides a no-nonsense return policy, meaning no questions asked. Just provide your name, email and date of purchase, we will do the rest.
  • Our yearly listing packages comes with 30 days of additional listings and reputation monitoring services with no extra costs.
  • Lets help you serve better. If you have any other concerns please let use know by sending us a note any time.

How will Indyapages Business Listings, Active Reputation Monitoring and Management Benefit my Business?...

  • We offer two paid Business Listings options to help send your business new and local customers. 
  • We manually review and Verify all paid advertising submissions to guarantee an error free directories showcasing quality business listings. All member advertisers have full control via a listings dashboard and can update their listing at any time. We provide real time data update to all partner directories and search engines. Our paid listing pages do not have any third party 'google' adverts (as opposed to our 'free business listing option'. This keeps your business in center stage and focused. We also have lifetime payment option where you just make a one-time payment and your business will be live all the time in our directory.
  • We give priority approval to all paid submissions so you don't have to wait around for your submission inclusion to be confirmed. Many other Business Directories can take weeks to respond! We approve your listing within Minutes. We will also submit your new and dedicated business listing pages to all the major search engines as quickly as possible.
  • The key benefit of investing in a paid listing on Indyapages will be the relevancy of a search engine result (once your listing is 'cached' into search engines). Our directory frequently ranks well in search engines from customers searching for a particular business trade in a local town or village. In this way, Indyapages Business Directory website attracts thousands of visitors per month  - all seeking businesses just like yours!
  • Our inclusion prices are very competitive. The advertising investment will produce real returns.  We have high-quality SSL certificate installed in our backend system, this will make sure your data including credit cards are secured all the time.

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