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Top 15 Indian Business Directory as per Google SERP.

On Feb, 2018 these Indian business directories Ranked on Top.

As on google SERP rankings there is tough competition for the key word India business Directory. There are many websites and blog sites giving different business directory lists from India. Those are mostly based on PA, DA, CTF, Alexa rankings and other parameters. While the bloggers personal interest over rides the lists, and it vary from blogger to blogger.

So, here we wanted to give a proper list of Indian business directories as per the google search rankings, as on 23rd Feb 2018. You may note that here we are giving a business directory lists of actual directories only. As said earlier, there are many sites that gives a probable list of Indian business directories, but you won't be able to create your business listing in those websites. It's merely a blog site or information sites that covers the topic of "Indian business directories".

Here is how we went for it!

Opened my browser google chrome and went to google, and made a free search on Indian business directories. as usual google thew up the result as below:

  Here take a look, the first 4 results were of the websites that covers the topic of Indian business directories. That may be links to other business directories. But they are not actual business directories by itself.India business directory google search

So here comes the 1st result of actual business directoty from the search results.

1. Indiamart - Page 1, Position 1

India business

Incidentally, all other listings on page one of google are of sites covering business directory topic, but not actual business directories. So I move on to Page 2.


Indian directory

Here you will see some of the actual business directories are there as listed below:

2. Indian business pages (IBP) - Page 2, Position 2 

Indian business pages are Indian business directories from Gujarat, claims to have a good database from allover India.

3. Infolake- Page 2, Position 3:  this listing is actually from www.curnchbase.com

4. Indyapages Indian Business Directory - Page 2, Position 4

indyapages business directory

Indyapages business listings , an relatively new Indian business directory lists on 4th on worldwide ranking in google for key word: Indian Business Directories. This is a great achievement for the new entrant in the Indian yellow pages directory segment. Indyapages business directory is fresh, and has an easy to use user private dash board. Where users can easily add their business name, business location address, and sync it to google maps. Add products, services, free classifieds advertisements and much more. Paid users can also get to keyword boost their business listing. Indyapages is a true yellow pages of India it's sense

As I continue to scroll down, there aren't any other Indian business directories on page 2 on the google search for Indian business directories.

5. ServiceIndia Business directory - Pune - Page 3, Position 5

Service India is a business directory from Pune that takes the 5th position on google searches.

6. Trade India Business listing directory - Page 3, Position 6

Trade India is a business directory from India that takes the 6th position on google searches.

indian companies directory

7. Pollutryindia Business directory - Page 3, Position 7

Very interestingly a poultry India business directory lists on page 3 in google for Indian business directories. Remember this is a world wide ranking of all business directories.

I continue to scroll to page of search results in google.

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