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Best Chemical suppliers in Hyderabad


Pooja Chemicals is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Chemical Products in Hyderabad. We have products i.e. , Benzene, activated carbon, ammonium, bicarbonate. Our products can be used in Agro chemicals, Fertilizers, Food, Road Construction, oil & lubricants, Cleaning chemicals & water treatment chemicals etc.

  BENZENE is also known as benzol or C6H6. It is colorless or lite yellow in color and it has a sweet odour smell derived from crude oil and natural gas.
  Benzene was found by FRIEDRICH AUGUST a german chemist. Benzene is made up of a molecule that is composed of six carbon atoms joining in a ring with one hydrogen attach to each. It contains hydrogen and carbon atoms as it is classified as a HYDROCARBON.

How benzene is used?
  C6H6 is universally used in chemical industry. It is naturally produced by forest fires and volcanoes. It is used mainly in usage of rubber, drugs and pesticides. Benzene is obtained coal tar. It is widely used in the preparation of phenol and also other products like aniline and dodecyl benzene.
Products that consists of benzene in it?

  1. Adhesives
  2. Furniture wax
  3.Paints (Thinners, coatings, varnish removers)
  4.Industrial solvents

 BENZENE can also found in some biggest industries like:
  Cadbury Schweppes
  Kraft Foods

Benzene dissolves only slightly in water and will float on top of wate

It evoporates into air very fastly and its vapor is heavier than than air and it sink into low lying areas and it also dissolves very slightly in water as it flows on the top layer of water.

CALCIUM CARBONATE or CaCO3 is the present name . The old name was Carbonate of Lime. It is one of the chemical compound that is composed of rocks in some of the most particular as limestone, chalk and marble.Calcium carbonate crystal structures is shown by the most common minerals called Calcite and Aragonite. The main fact is that they available in different forms as chemically similar but physically different and they also differ in thickness, purity, whiteness.

  Calcium carbonate is a biogenic rock like limestone and it is also more compressed than chalk.It is a metamorphic rock like marble as that is formed when chalk or limestone are recrystallized.

  The large amounts of calcium carbonate used in industry are obtained by mining or excavating.It can also produced massively in pure form which is used in pharmaceutical and food industry.
  Calcium carbonate is made from the oxide of calcium. The oxides of calcium is dissolved in water to form calcium hydroxide. Carbon Dioxide is passed through the calcium hydroxide to precipitate as which is signified as calcium carbonate.
Calcium oxide + Water → Calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide + Carbon dioxide → Calcium carbonate

Geological Sources:.
  Calcite,vaterite and aragonite are the pure forms of calcium carbonate. It includes limestone ,marble and chalk.

Biological sources:
  Different types of shells like seashells,eggshells are calcium carbonate and it can also used as sources in chemical industry.There are some vegetables that contain some amounts of calcium carbonate are broccoli and kale as they are not industrial sources.

Calcium carbonate in water:
  At atmospheric conditions calcium carbonate is poorly soluble in pure form of water.
Calcium carbonate-> Calcium ions + Carbonate ions

Applications of calcium carbonate in INDUSTRY:
  Caco3 is widely used in industry in various forms like construction as a material,limestone for roads and as a cement component. It is also used in the purification of iron from iron ore and it also forms slag that is waste metals of extracted purified iron.

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Chemicals suppliers in Hyderabad, telangana | Pooja chemicals

Best Chemical suppliers in Hyderabad  Pooja Chemicals is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Chemical Products in Hyderabad. We have products i.e....

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