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Free Classifieds Online - Indyapages look at History and Evolution of Classifieds

"If classifieds are a kind of advertising, it is important to understand what is it. In simple terms, advertising is a way of marketing.  A method, a tool to announce a product or service. Advertising is a awareness building tool available with marketers. Companies started seeing advertising as the fastest method to reach their end consumers. So, the need for wider array of advertising categories was invented. Classifieds advertising or free classifieds online are part of that invention, in India or anywhere"

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Classifieds advertisement online and Classifieds Advertising Print

Free Classifieds Than:

In our good old days classifieds advertisement was the advertising in newspapers. Most weekly and monthly magazines that used to have dedicated section as: "classifieds". Where buyers or sellers used to post their requirements. 

Free Classifieds Now:

Now in most cases the classifieds have moved to online as medium. Called as online free classifieds, it's easy for users to go online in their mobile or desktop and post. In few seconds posting of your classifieds ads are over and you will get immediate responses. In most cases within hours or even minutes.

Various Forms of Classifieds Advertising

Print / magazine advertising, broadcasting, hoardings, and billboards are some form of classifieds advertising. Business listings sites, free classifieds sites and article submissions are it's online versions. Never to miss the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on.

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Whats the History of Free Classifieds? Indyapages Takes a Deep Look

It's believed that classifieds existed 2500BC! It might be hard to believe but there are evidences that Egyptians used some type of classifieds. In must stronger materials like steel they put out classifieds advertisements. They also believed to have made sales advertisements and posters.

Though, the most identical form of classifieds advertisements was first notified in 1705. This classifieds advertisement was in newspaper "Boston News" as a SELL offer. 


So What's Difference Between Online Free Classifieds and Old Style Newspaper Classifieds?

Key difference is that now it only takes few seconds to post an online free classifieds. Where as newspaper classifieds used to take days to get it posted. As the slots available for classifieds with news papers were so limited. Plus paying them either by cheque or other means used to take a while than. Even to get responses to the advertisement used to take days.

Now it's super easy to post a free classifieds ads online. You will have your classifieds live within minutes. Boooom, you start getting responses in your mobile or email within minutes. Plus you can reach a wider audience with online media. You can select the niche people you want to target either by location or purchasing power. 

You can post country wide free classifieds with all India classifieds websites.

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What is Difference Between Display Advertising and Free Classifieds?

Free classifieds are advertisements of buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow, or advising advertisements. Where as display advertising are for businesses to promote their products. Or Services, sale offers, product launches, announcement and the like. Display advertisings are available with newspapers as full page or half page ads. Display advertisements are also available with online business directory websites, free classifieds sites. Display advertisements are also some banners placed in popular websites. Now a days .gif banners are a popular medium to get the attention of the online visitors.

What is Online Free Classifieds Ads

Online classifieds are little info or notice that's put in free classifieds sites. Often classifieds will have a different look from the rest of the content. It will have explicit headline, short and sweet. To attract the visitors quick enough. It may either have some animation, flashing, vibrant colours, with links. It may also contain the advertisers website information, phone number or more. Lately, google, Facebook, Twitter etc are acting as some medium for online classifieds. Not only the business directories, local business listing sites like Indyapages. 

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History of free classifieds advertisements

Now Lets Look at Different Kind of Online Free Classifieds in India

1. Replica of Print Classifieds.

These classifieds are the replica of printed form of free classifieds ads online. Will be either boxed or having coloured backgrounds. or both. Will have a bold headline, as short words of there or less. It might read as "WANTED", "SALE" "AVAILABLE" or something similar. These will have similar column division as in print advertisements too.

2. Online Classified Banner Advertisements

These form or online classifieds are banners of different kind in a webpage. These banners will called with different names. Such as header  display banner, that in website header, footer banner at the bottom of website.  Side banner at the side of the page content in a website. These banners will have the advertisers website or contact details, and a backlink. If the user is to click on these banners it may take you to the advertisers website or offer page. 

In-terms of cost, the header banners will be of higher cost and side banners will cost less in comparison. The bigger the size of the classifieds the more cost will be. Headers and footers will have higher visibility compared to sidebar advertisements. Generally, headers will be of 900x70px, same for footers. For sidebar display banners size are flexible. It can be as small as 320x50px, to as big as 320x900px spanning the whole reading pane of window.

3. Free Classifieds Advertisement with .gif or Other Animation

Here, most of the features are of similar as 2. But the classified banner will have some kind of flash or "Gif" animation. when it comes to cost it will be bit more expensive. .gif is the short form of "graphic interchange format"

4. Full-page Online Free Classifieds Advertisements

Some popular online websites has full page display of classifieds advertisements. Where anyone can post a free classifieds within few steps as  Indyapages Classifieds. The advertiser's post will have bigger headline, body copy. And a wider space to display more than one image. Website visitors can scroll through the image one after another.

Not only that, you can boost the visibility of your ads with unique structured tags in header. Can link to more categories of your business, all that may take a fee. With structured tags you might get lucky that you can get a google snippet display for free.

5. Video Classifieds Advertisement Online.

Few free classifieds sites gives the option to post video classifieds advertisement online. Where in you can post a video of your ads for free. 

Let's look at online Free Classifieds Ads in India

1. Buy or Sell

These are general buy or sell ads placed online. The items to sale of buy vary form households, furniture, looking for service. Service wanted, car for sale, spar parts for sale and so on. In most online free classifieds sites has option to keep the user email or other contact private. If the user wish to display it they can mention it open too. Buy and Sell classifieds are very popular in free online classifieds sites.

2. Property for Sale or Wanted Classifieds India

Other most popular free classifieds advertising category is property.  Classifieds will read out like " 2 bedroom flat for sale urgent" in India. 

"Farm land for SALE". "Wanted independent house in Bangalore" etc will be type of headlines. The advertiser in most cases will give clear location, price range, if its negotiable or not. With off-course, advertiser contact information too. Some classifieds also mention the best time to contact too.

3. Jobs Wanted Free Classifieds

Jobs as we know is the hardest thing to find in India now a days. So the "jobs wanted" ads are frequent in top free classifieds sites. Job seekers are searching in every site in internet to find if at all there any jobs available. Most of the online free classifieds looking for candidates attract large number applications. In some cases even if the job is not relevant the candidates apply with the hope of getting some jobs. Jobs classifieds are always the most searched free classifieds advertisement category in India. 

Here the headlines are like "WANTED", JOBS WANTED", "JOBS AVAILABLE" and the like. In the classifieds category, most job advertising companies tend to keep contacts confidential. For the fear of getting too much applications. Most jobs classifieds ads get to post free online. The number of position, qualification looking for, experience levels are the other descriptions.

4. Anniversary Classifieds Online

Anniversary messages were the main form of news paper classifieds.  But now it's finding traction in free online classifieds category. It's very common type of classifieds advertisements with general population. It will have an image of the deceased, name, address and other, time and date will be the other details. This may also include some condolences or other initiates to funerals etc.

5. Marriages Free classifieds Ads

Though there comes dedicated marriage sites online marriage classifieds are popular online too. Would be brides, grooms or their parents would place these free classifieds online. In lookouts for matches online.

6. Personals - Free Classifieds Sites

There are enough controversy related to personals free classifieds online. A popular free classifieds site "Craiglist" had to remove PERSONAL category. Thanks to the stricter law against sexual ads online. But personal classifieds such as birthdays or announcement of occasions is still popular. Most of these free classifieds gets placed in personal capacity. Offering availability of personal service is the top description of such free classifieds. 

7. Services - Free Classifieds Online

This as a free classifieds category is seeing traction off late. Individuals, professionals and even companies wishing to sell their services post classifieds online. "PLUMBER AVAILABLE" "CARPENTER WANTED" etc kind of free classifieds ads.

8. Start-up Companies and Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses are one of the biggest free classifieds advertisers. It is vital for the growth of the small businesses and startups to post online classifieds. They are most likely to pay for the services, but have tight budget. More than 50% of all online free classifieds placed by this category. As a sales promotion, their product invention or offers, they will have something.

9. Educational- Free Classifieds Online

Education and related free classifieds are popular online too. These are by training institutions, tuition centers or by people giving tuition. Even parents needing to get good maths teacher for their kids do place free classifieds. 

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What are the Advantages of Free Classifieds Online

1. Quick and Fast!

The top most advantage of online free classifieds are that its fast. Easy to post the free classifieds. It hardly takes few mouse clicks. Some online sites will ask you to login first, those are more secure. Not only posting of your classifieds are fast, but you get responses too even faster. Some free classifieds sites has quick approval process.  Within minutes your classifieds ads will go live online and phone will start ringing.

2. Free! Or Cost Very Less in India

Most online classifieds posting is free. In some cases it costs a fee. But if compared to print classifieds it is much cheaper. Online classifieds are the cheapest form or advertising for your business ever.

3. It's Online. You Get Wider Reach

Online free classifieds has much wider reach. If compared to print classifieds in newspaper, where it got life of a day. Online classifieds lasts much longer period. Internet has no limits. You will never know from where you will find a buyer, which is impossible in print classifieds.

4. Anyone can be a Copy Writer

Online free classifieds are easy to write. You don't have to be a copy writer to do it.

Disadvantages of Free Online Classified Advertisement

We cannot think much of the disadvantages for online free classifieds. But here are few:

  • In some case online free classifieds can get too far below in a website, thereby missing the audience.
  • Your competitor may advertise with a fee and can get a better exposure online
  • Some free online classifieds sites may not allow you to have your website link for free.

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