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Posted 17/05/2018 in Category 1

What Is Mywallz And How It Works

We Love Staying Connected

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What Is Mywallz And How It Works

What Is Mywallz And How It Works

Are you on Facebook? We don’t think anyone would ask that question to anyone, because everybody knows that everyone is on Facebook (actually, many are addicted to it). That’s how much people love social media these days.

But did you ever had a thought: “I give so much time to Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great, if I get paid to be on Facebook?” Well, you won’t get money out of Facebook anytime soon, but we can introduce you to a platform which does.

We give you – Mywallz

What Is Mywallz ?

The name of the platform can be acquainted with the image you have in your mind of having a chamber where all of your thoughts and content is present, waiting for you to go public with it. That is essentially the kind of forum mywallz is; an interactive social media platform where individuals can go public with their information, followed by regular posts in the form of videos, texts, or pictures.

Once you sign up for mywallz you have full liberty to exercise freedom and show the world what you have been up to. Users who reach out to you on the site get to see the posts you put up, and can then engage with you in various manners. People who are fond of Blogging, traveling and putting up pictures of the wonderful aesthetics or unusual events they witness etc. can bring a whole new dimension to their experience.

Simply, there are no restrictions of posting anything just like on Facebook and Twitter. But mywallz is more than that. It offers you something in return.

Mywallz Rewards You

Although the world of social media is extremely competent, mywallz is offering something totally unprecedented.

Mywallz has listed many online shops for you. When you buy from those shops (via mywallz), you practically get paid (earn seeds).

Let us explain: For instance, you are looking for some sturdy sneakers for you. You head to mywallz and then to the shop that you love and then buy via mywallz. What happens is that you get the sneakers you want from the authentic brand you cheer for, but also get seeds for doing that. You do not have to necessarily spend money on purchasing to earn, however. Product endorsements qualify you for a decent amount of seeds as well.

What are seeds? Seed is a unit used in mywallz which can be converted to cash or be used for buying another product. This can then help you obtain price cuts in the upcoming items you buy from the listed shops or you can directly transfer this money to your bank accounts or e-wallets.

Messaging and Searching

While the main motive of the website is to promote individualistic efforts as well as provide a way for brands to reach out to the general population, the site is not devoid of personal messaging. Once logged in you can drop in messages to people you have added to your account safely and anytime you want.

The master search helps you to find anything and everything within the platform. And you can use the dedicated search available in all live wallz to search specific type of content i.e photo, video, verse and shopping.

In addition, there might be times when getting used to a new interface is somewhat difficult, which is why there is an all-purpose “help” section present in mywallz where you can type in your query and get access to relevant information in the blink of an eye.

All in all, mywallz is an absolutely complete social media site which does not restrict you from uploading your heart out for good purposes.

We Love Staying Connected

Indyapages Facebook page Indyapages Twitter page Indyapages Pinterest page Indyapages Linkedin page Indyapages Youtube channel Indyapages Instagram page
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