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A Wedding Story Every Couple Are Dreaming

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A Wedding Story Every Couple Are Dreaming

Anyone is tied the knot, it shows the epitome of the love and happiness, -will find one day, vowed to each other and kissed that seal the marriage. To witness this kind of marvellous marriage is in the fortune of the wedding photography Melbourne person.

The wedding is a special and memorable event not for only the groom and bride but also affect the people who have been witnessing their sign of love. The preparation of the wedding is a hard task to handle and manage. Most of the bride and groom are busy with their own task and relative are busy to handle guests, but never forget to capture these all beautiful moments.

Definitely, the groom and bride have some engagements and announcements before the marriage, but at the time of the wedding must be their day. Every couple wants their own wedding story and they want the story will be captured by the best wedding photographer Melbourne service. We are discussing how they want to be married by the sight of the photographer.  

The story of the wedding day narrated by the best wedding photographer in Melbourne: 

The only photographer can narrate the whole story about the bride, groom, relatives, friends and guests gestures on the day of the wedding.  

Prior to the wedding:

  • To decide the date
  • Card, venue and catering
  • Garment selection

These are the process where no need of the wedding photography Melbourne service needed, but at any time they required the photography service.

On the day of the wedding:

A few glimpses of the marriage by the Photographer’s eyes…

I saw that the day was perfect that they chose and it seemed that everyone was smiling to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of the couple. First I went to the bride’s home and she was dressing up (Wow, she looked dashing and beautiful) and applying the make-up (it helped to give the more pleasing look). I took some snaps of her in a wedding dress with friends and that was just mind-boggling!!!

Then, I went towards groom's home, he was also becoming ready!! The suit, tie, shoes and everything just complimented to each other. He was equally charming as her wife. I took the snap of his and family and they were looking perfect because the location had the compelling aesthetic.

Now, coming at the church scenario…

Both came together and looked like Perfect pair!!! The traditional and intimate wedding ceremony started after some time and I was able to capture every moment from the bride's walking to kissing each other. They had such a grace and beauty that even I couldn’t frame it in my camera.

After the ceremony, I was able to take the great snaps of the bridesmaids as well as groomsmen along with the newlyweds amazingly looked couple.

After listening to the story of the groom and the bride’s wedding day you can imagine the whole event and even can visualise the whole wedding. You also can make your wedding story and for that, you have to connect with the best wedding photographer in Melbourne. You can contact with the popular and professional wedding photography Melbourne company such as “White heights Media” to have the best candid moments capturing of your lifetime wedding memory of the stepping stone.

We Love Staying Connected

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