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5 kick-ass Business Networking Tips for Freshers

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5 kick-ass Business Networking Tips for Freshers (& Pros)

by Ritesh Gupta |June 1 2018

Business networkingis an absolute must if you want to run a profitable business. Without networking with other businesses offline or online, you’ll lose out on potential clients and profitable projects. If you are a new business owner or an absolute beginner at business networking, follow these five tips to get out there and network like a pro.

Business Networking: Give a Free Talk to a Local Group

Nonprofit organizations, community clubs, hobby groups, startup meetups, are always looking for guest speakers for meetings, luncheons, dinners, conferences, and other events. Offer to deliver a short speech at your favorite group’s next meeting so that the entire audience is exposed to your knowledge and experience and ofcourse your new startup idea and the enthusisam.

These groups usually have elite students, experienced pros, and entrepreneurs. Use the time immediately following your talk as business networking time. Work the room, exchange business cards with audience members, and provide additional information about your business. You can help yourself by setting up your business on Zumexo, a free business networking portal and show them your profile and ask them to join so you can manage the network more effectively and be updated about the activities of other businesses and help out each other,

Business Networking: Online Networking

Online networking has taken the world by storm and has become more popular than Business events in India or business meetups in India. In the past, you had to attend a meeting or go to a conference to get the opportunity to do successful business networking. Now, sites like LinkedIn offer professionals around the world the opportunity to network with others. Sites like Zumexo provide businesses to network with other business, create free business websites, setup their busienss online and network freely with other businesses and increase your sales. The best thing about online networking is that you can connect with businesses from all over India, across multiple segments and industries, expanding your business network.

Business Networking: Join a Tips Club

Tips clubs (also called leads clubs) are great for business networking.The premise of such an organization is simple – members network with each other and refer each other to friends, family members, and business associates. One of the great things about these organizations is that they only allow one person from each type of each business to join. For example, once a digital marketer joins, no more digital marketers are allowed to join unless that person leaves the organization. This means you won’t be competing against dozens of people for the same referrals.

Zumexo helps you creating tips clubs online by first creating a free business website and setup a new business.

Business Networking: Giving Back

Giving back is one of the biggest areas where most business networks fail,Nonprofit organizations, as well as startups, are always trying to accomplish more with less money and fewer staff members to keep things going. If you have a skill or talent or a business, volunteer your services or offer your professional services or products at reduced rates. This is a great business networking technique because you can network with people from all industries, showcase your products, and give back to your community at the same time.

Zumexo lets your create a free business website and promote your products and reach out to businesses, you can post on you timeline what services you want to offer at reduced rates and people can reach out to you directly, its a great way to slwoly expand your business network,

Business Networking: Business Cards

Business networking often involves group meetings or special events. Such business events and and business meetups are common now days in India, You need to have a business card with you at these events because let’s face it, you don’t want to be the guy writing his phone number down on a cocktail napkin. Your business card should look professional, have all of your contact information included, and have value for its recipients.

That’s it. Hang onto these business networking tips to find leads, connect with mentors, and new business categories and get the best opportunities to lift off your business with a bang. Oh, and also sign up on to connect with the best companies, socialise and expand your busienss

We Love Staying Connected

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