Posted by goodwill on 27/02/2020

How to Make Money While I Sleep?

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You may have heard the common saying ‘money comes to money’, but what is it referring to?  It could be taken to apply to the concept of Passive Income.  In this case it would mean that an amount of money invested in the correct places can literally grow with time.  Money hidden under the bed will not grow in its amount, but if it were to be invested, it holds the potential to generate a return on the investment.   One way of investing it could be share trading in India.  While this type of investment can and often does produce a healthy return on investment, it requires a lot of time, attention and diligence on behalf of the trader or his nominated broker.  In this article we will look at some forms of investment which only require a minimum amount of intervention, and quite literally earn for you while you sleep.  These are known as sources of Passive Income.  Once they are set in place, they should keep on delivering for little or no further effort.


Real estate comprises of an area of land which is by its very nature in a fixed location and can be considered immovable.  It can include the buildings on it, the minerals and resources in it. It can also include the crops upon the land and the water within the land.   There are many ways that real estate can be strategically purchased and dealt with in order to generate a return on investment.  Examples would be to buy land rich in minerals or natural resources but then sell the rights to mine the resources to another party.  It could be buying undeveloped land in order to build on it and make a profit by selling it after you have added the value of the buildings.  However, if you really want to use real estate to generate money without the hassle of doing anything, it is possible with a bit of careful planning.  Areas which are undeveloped or just beginning to be developed will often have plots for sale at very reasonable prices.  Later on when the area has been developed further and becomes established, especially if it becomes a desirable location, the land price will have risen exponentially since those early days.  If you managed to get yourself a plot of land early on, you would be able to sell it on at a huge profit some years down the line. 


For thousands of years, gold has been used as a form of currency.  The precious metal has a variety of important uses, and unlike most other forms of assets, it is not tied to any nation’s currency.  As gold is used in a variety of industrial processes, it is in constant demand, and therefore it is a safe bet to say that the value of gold will keep on rising.  While currencies naturally devalue over time due to the effect of inflation, gold is not subjected to this, and has historically proven to rise in value at a rate exceeding the effects of inflation.  With that in mind, you can understand why business and individuals alike may prefer to protect their assets by converting them to gold.

However, the hassle of looking after physical gold is a hassle that many people can do without.  The threat of theft and the expense of safe storage lockers are some of the negative points of holding gold.  For people who wish to avoid those negative points, there now exists ‘digital gold’.  This is where a trader can buy ‘gold’ at an advertised price per gram and receive a certificate stating the same.  The trader himself will not actually receive the physical gold or be responsible for looking after it.  In fact the bank just keeps on record how many grams he has purchased.  Sovereign Gold Bonds in India last for 8 years, so whatever the current price of gold may be after the 8 years are up, the trader will be eligible to receive that price for his bonds, irrespective of the price he purchased it for 8 years prior.  This will almost certainly bring a good profit.  


It is possible to buy shares in some publically listed companies which provide the shareholders with regular dividends.  At the end of each specified time interval, the profits made are divided among the shareholders and paid out into their respective accounts.  The more shares you own in the company, the more you will be eligible to receive in dividends.  Providing the company is always doing well and delivering good dividends, you should reach the position where you have eventually received back more than your initial investment that you paid out for the shares.  If all goes well you can sit back and enjoy watching the dividends accrue in your account.


Many banks offer savings accounts with interest to encourage the saving of large amounts.  While the interest offered is generally very small, it could be significant if you have a large amount that you can afford to put away for some years.  Some saving accounts are ‘instant access’, but generally the ones that offer the best interest rates are the ones which are ‘fixed term’.  This means that you agree when opening the account that you will not withdraw the money for a fixed amount of time, commonly 2 or 5 years.  If you do wish to withdraw the money before the term ends, you would normally have to forfeit the interest you would have received if you had waited until the term came to its natural end.

In this article we have covered just 4 potential ways of ‘making money while you sleep’.  There are certainly many more possibilities.  Please use the comments section to add your own ideas and share your views on the topics we discussed in the article.

If you are considering options of how and where to invest your hard earned money in India, you would be well advised to make contact with GOOD WILL INDIA on +91 80122 78000 to discuss all the possibilities that may be open to you. GOOD WILL’s friendly and experienced staff are only a phone call away, and are ready to help you take your first steps into investment.

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