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Posted by Ayurdhan Ayurvedic Treatment Center in Bangalore on 27/03/2018

Greeshma Ritu Charya Regimen For Summer Season

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During this season, the Kapha dosha decreases due to the heat & drynessand Vata dosha increases consequently, resulting to various health issues like heat Stroke, dehydration etc.

Thereare six seasons or ritus.

Uttarayana:-Alsocalled adana kala(Northern solistice)

Sishira,vasanta,greeshma,varsha,sharad,hemanta are the six ritus.The firstthree seasons, shishira, vasanta and greeshma ritu come underuttarayana (northern solistice).This is also called Adana kala.Thebody strength is very low in adana kala.

Dakshinayana:-Alsocalled visarga kala(southern solistice).

Varsha,sharad, and hemanta come under dakshinayana.This is also calledvisarga kala.The body strength is very high in dakshinayana.


Mid-Mayto mid-July (approximately) is considered as Grishma (summer)season. 

Thesun’ rays are very powerful, strong and penetrating. The wind isunhealthy and intense heat is present. The river bodies die up andthe plants and trees are lifeless. The sun robs the earth of thecooling properties. Pitta dosha increases in the body. External heatand increased pitta dosha in the body reduces the digestive fire inthe body. Hence one has to eat moderately. Due to excess heat, ourbody demands more liquids and hence one has to take plenty of fluidsin the form of water and juices with salt and ginger. Care has to betaken to see that excess intake of juices does not put off thedigestive fire. In greeshma ritu people experience dehydrationlethargy energy loss, exhaustion and dryness in the body.

Thepredominant dosha is vata dosha .Kapha reduces day by day .Digestivefire(jatharagni) is very mild. Hence avoid use of sour, pungent andsalt food along with heavy physical exercise and exposure tosunlight. Foods which are sweet, easy for digestion and liquid ,andcold food should be taken.


Boiledrice with meat of animals of the desert can be taken.

Mamsarasa(meat soup) is also good for consumption.

Waterkept in mud pot along with flowers of karpura and patala are idealfor drinking in summer.

Panakaprepared out of raisins, dates, cinnamon and cardamom has to be taken

Syrupwhich is sweet, salty and sour can be taken.

Alljuicy fruits and juices, buttermilk ,tender coconut water  should betaken in abundance.

Alcoholicpreparations and wine has to be avoided. Also if taken it has to betaken in limited quantity or with dilution with water. If taken inexcess the person may develop delusion.

SummerTreatment in Ayurveda

Coolingtherapies suggested during Greeshma Ritu are Panchakarma therapieslike Nasya,Virechana ,Sneha Vasthi , Takradhara, ksheerdhara , thailadhara ,Shirovasti , Shirolepa ( thala pottichil), Navara khizi 


Onehas to spend the day time in a garden full of trees with branchesgiving shade and with full of fragrant flowers. Sleep during day timeis advised as nights are shorter. Anoint a paste of chandan all overthe body and take bath in cold water. One has to stay in cool places.Wear light colored cotton dresses to keep the body cool. Perfumesmade of herbs with cooling properties are used. Excess exposure tosun rays has to be avoided. Night one can spend time in the coolingrays of the moon and experience the cool breeze. Physical exertion ,sexual indulgence and excessive exercise has to be avoided.

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