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Top Business Categories to List Your Company

Improve local citation by liking to the category accurately.

The top business categories where people list their companies India.

Below are the top business categories where local business wants to list their business in India. IndyaPages is the top ranked Indian business directory where local business can list their businesses accurately pin pointing their business, trade, field, product or services. We have 40 top level business categories to choose from to accurately pin-point to the field of business you are into. Once the top level category is selected, there are about 2600 sub-level categories where you can link your company to. 

Here is what some of the defenition of Local business categories:

“Local business categories” are the terms that describe what type of business your company is. These are selected when creating local business listings. For example, a legal firm may select the business category “Criminal Justice Attorney,” “Personal Injury Attorney,” or “Law Firm.” It’s similar to the way businesses used to choose which section of the print Yellow Pages they’d appear in; your local business categories tell search engines which types of searches you’re relevant to.

For further reading :https://moz.com/learn/seo/local-business-categories

We have done many research before deciding on the 40 main categories and 2600 odd sub-categories. You will find all the modern businesses in these categories. Like Bitcoin, Artificial intelligence, Google assistant, machine learning, crypto currencies, sustainability and the like. We are the only business directory in India to have a main category for "elderly support" and "active life" as a main category to our business directory. 

Linking accurately to the top level business category and sub-level business category is so important in local SEO. If your business is not linked to the categories and subcategories it can effect your business big time and it may not show up when people search in search engines. It will destroy your local citation completely. So check your listing is accurate and your business is linked correctly to the main category and sub-category today. 

categories and sub-categories - indyapages directory

See how categories and sub-categories are arranged in our business directory.

Example if the main category is:

Home and Household Services

Sub-categories are:
  1. Home decor services

  2. Electrician services

  3. Carpenter

  4. Plumber

  5. Gardner

  6. Tiler

  7. Home mason

  8. Cleaning services


Infographic: How Categories and Sub-Categories are arranged

Top healthcare companies in India-logo

Active Life

This is for the best active health care companies from India. If you are into Active Health Care, either serving, dealing or manufacturing healthcare products, yoga products register your here.

Find apparels and fashion companies- Indyapages directory

Apparels and Fashion

Find Top apparel Fashion companies from India here. If you are associated with apparels or fashion, online fashion business, add or claim your business with top business directories.

Find automobile companies-Indyapages directory


Find the top automobile services, automobile spare parts, automobile dealers companies form India here. If you are in to any of these companies add your business with IndyaPages business directory

ayurvedic companies-Indyapages directory

Ayurvedic Treatment Services

Find the top ayurvedic treatment services companies, ayurvedic resorts, ayurvedic yoga, companies form India here. If you are in to any of these companies register your business with our business directory

Find beauty spa and personal care companies

Spa, Beauty and Personal

If you are providing mens spa, female spa, beauty care or personal care services register your business with us to increase your online presence and to reach to more clients.

Find business consulting firms- Indyapages directory

Business Consulting

Find India's top business consulting companies, businesses provide consultancy to Indian or foreign companies. We have the largest company database from India.

Finding computer stationery suppliers- Indyapages directory

Computer Stationery Suppliers

Find the largest computer stationery companies from India. We have the top computer stationery companies listed with us. If you are a stationery supplier its with us.

consumer electronics repair services-Indyapages directory

Consumer Electronics Repair

Find all the top consumer electronics repair services company with our directory database. Get that washing machine, or stove top repaired today, check today.

construction and real estate companies from India

Construction and Real Estate

Find India’s top construction companies listed with our largest directory database. If you are into building and construction business and not listed with us.

consumer electronics companies from India

Electronic Products - Components

Find all the consumer electronics products and consumer electronics components suppliers, manufacturers and dealers here. Check our directory.

elderly support companies lists

Educational Aids

Find top educational aids suppliers, educational tools suppliers, software suppliers here in our largest directory database for educational aids. Come list with us.

education and training companies- Indyapages directory

Education and Training

Find the best educational institutes, educational schools, universities, training centres, vocational training centres with our largest directory database. Come search today.

elderly support companies lists India

Elderly Support

Come, search and find elderly support services companies India. IndyaPages is only Business Directory that has category listing for elederly support.

farming and agricultural companies India

Farming and Agriculture

Find top farming and agriculture companies in India. If your business is farming or agriculture, supply or manufacture farming tools come and list your business.

search food and beverages- Indyapages directory

Food and Beverages

Search for top food and beverages companies listed with our business directories. Farming seeds, machineries and tools, services all listed here

best gifts and handicrafts companies- Indyapages directory

Gifts and Handicrafts

Find top gift suppliers, handicraft producers near you. Indyapages has listing of top gifts manufactures and suppliers from India. Gift someone today.

 hardware software companies - Indyapages directory

Hardware and Software

List your hardware and software companies here. Search and find listed to hardware and software companies in our directory, be it laptops, desktops, computers,etc.

largest health and wellness company database

Health and Wellness

Search, find and connect with India’s best Health and wellness companies here. If you are into similar field list your business today in our company directory.

find healthiest food near you

Healthy Food

Healthy food is on top of everyones mind. Find top Indian Heathy food manufacturers and suppliers here.Organic food suppliers, organic foods growers and more

Find the best household services in Bangalore

Household Services

Finding top home and office suppliers are easy with our directory. India’s best home and office suppliers are listed with us.Find plumber, carpenter, masson, gardner etc.

Find the best home furnishing companies Bangalore

Home Furnishing

Find top home furnishings suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers here. If you are in to home furnishings, beds, sofas, wardrobes, curtains, shelves etc get registered with us.

Top home improvement service providers - Bangalore

Home Improvement Services

Find the best home improvement services in Bangalore, India, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Cochin, Mysore, Delhi and all over India find best plumber, carpenter, tiler etc

Home and Office Supplies

Find the best home improvement services in Bangalore, India, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Cochin, Mysore, Delhi and all over India at our top Indian company directory

hoste-accommodations near you

Hostel and Accommodation

Find suitable hostel and accommodation providers here. Select from India’s best hostel and accommodation service providers. Whatever is your budget, we have something

top jewellery and gems companies

Jewellery and Gems

Find top Jewellery and gem stone stockists, manufacturers, polishers, suppliers here at Indyapages business directory. Find top Gem stone stokists here

find machinery and tools nearby

Machinery and Tools

Find India’s best machineries and tools manufacturers, suppliers or dealers here. We have the largest database of companies listed with us in our company directory

top nightlife entertainment companies

Nightlife and Entertainment

Find top nightlife and entertainment service providers from all over India. Find anything that you are looking for in our company directories

office school suppliers India

Office and school Suppliers

Find the best office suppliers, and school suppliers like uniform, pens, pencils, books, stationery, shoes, and more from the verified business listings.

best printing packaging companies

Printing and Packaging

Find verified business listings of printing and packaging services and manufacturers here at indyapages business directory. Be it Digital printers, 3D printers, offset?

best prefessional service providers

Professional Services

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best properties near by


Find India’s top professional services providers here, like translators, web designers, mobile repair shops and more can be found at Indayapges online business directory

Top restaurants near by

Hotel and Restaurants

Find out verified restaurants and eat outs near you. Getting the tasty and delicious food is in everyones mind. Go on search what you are looking for today with our business directory

top online shopping sites

Shopping and Online Shopping

Find top retail shops, online shops, showrooms for bags, fashion accessories, shirts, sarees, salwars, belts, churidaars, and more here in our directory

best sports equipments suppliers

Sports Equipments

List with the top business directory if your are into sports and sports equipment supplies, cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, sports clothing and more

top Indian sustainability company

Sustainability Companies

Find India’s best sustainability companies helping to make the sustainable environment here at IndyaPages directory. List your sustaibale business with us today!

top telecom companies India

Telecom Companies

Find top telecom companies, mobile manufacturers, traders, wholesales, mobile service shops, material suppliers here in our business directory listings from India

best textiles and fabrics comapny database

Textiles and Fabrics

Search and find top Textiles and fabrics manufacturers, textiles suppliers, dyeing, bleaching and tailoring factories or fabric dealer, trader? register here

topys play suppliers India

Toys and Play

Find with us to toys and play suppliers, toy manufacturers, Chenapattana toys, toy suppliers, play providers, games and more

travel and transport companies database

Travel and Transport

Find India’s best verified travel and transportation services companies here. Book a tour, go on pilgrimage, discover India and abroad.

ups power suppliers

UPS and Power Supply

Find top UPS and power supply companies from India here. You are supplier of UPS, dealer of UPS, power supply company, generator supplier? List with Us!

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