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Home improvement, home renovation, or remodelling is the process of renovating or making additions to one's home. Home improvement can be projects that upgrade an existing home interior (such as electrical and plumbing), exterior (masonry, concrete, siding, roofing), or other improvements to the property (i.e. garden work or garage maintenance/additions).


Types of home improvement[edit]

While "home improvement" often refers to building projects that alter the structure of an existing home, it can also include improvements to lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures, such as gazebos and garages. It also encompasses maintenance, repair, and general servicing tasks. Home improvement projects generally have one or more of the following goals:[1]


Maintenance and repair[edit]

Maintenance projects can include:

Additional space[edit]

Additional living space may be added by:

  • Turning marginal areas into livable spaces such as turning basements into recrooms, home theaters, or home offices – or attics into spare bedrooms.
  • Extending one's house with rooms added to the side of one's home or, sometimes, extra levels to the original roof. Such a new unit of construction is called an "add-on".[2]

Saving energy[edit]

Homeowners may reduce utility costs with:

Safety and preparedness[edit]

Emergency preparedness safety measures such as:


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Home improvement services business listing provides the key plat form to create an incredible platform to represent home improvement and remodelling industry. With the superb tools avaibale with our business listing for home improvement services business, you don’t need to think further about promoting your home improvement and remodelling business any more, because, we provide all the best tools to promote your home improvement business in one platform - Indyapages business directories. If you are here to create a business listing for your own remodelling services business, or an SEO agency looking to create, it, our business listings platform is easy to use, and highly effective and adaptable. Moreover we are the most popular Indian business directory for home improvement services business.

The best of these home improvement business category - sub-category of listings are plumbers, carpenters, masons, contractors, tilers, furniture assemblers, general contractors,electricians, electrical contractors, swimming pool maintenance company, garden maintenance companies, repair services companies for white goods, lawn makers and so on. Search our business directory to find the top companies in home improvement services, hire a contractor, hire a plumber, best turnkey interior designers, best modular kitchen designer’s and more. Find our detailed sub-category of home improvement services and remodelling companies in the list give below

Turnkey interior designers - Identity Retail Innovation Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore

CarpentersElectricial contractorsHome Interior designers

curtains and blinds installationsFixture installationsFlooring contractors

Interior Design ContractorsInterior Painting ContractorsLandscaping Contractors

Office Interior DesignersPainting ContractorsTable Linens

Pile ContractorsPlumbersRoofing Ceiling Contractors

Terrace Waterproofing ContractorsTextured Painting ContractorsWall Partition works

Waterproofing ContractorsFurniture Installation workLawn Cleaning

Gardening WorksCarpet CleaningTiling works

Tiling ContractorMason ContractorSepti-tank Cleaners

Polishers and FinishersStage DesignersGrill Works Contractors

Glass PaintersSS Finishing WorksGranite and Marble Finishing Works

Window Curtain InstallationSofa Upholstery worksSofa Cleaners

Bathroom Cleaning ServicesElectrical Fitting WorksElectrical Contractors

Edge Banding WorksFurniture Maintenance WorksYearly Maintenance for Homes

Office CleanersModular Kitchen InstallersKitchen Wooden Works

Water Tap InstallersSwimming Pool Maintenance worksGarden Maintenance Contractors

Restaurant maintenance contractorsHouse Keeping ContractorsKitchen Cleaning Contractors

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Identity Retail Innovation Pvt. Ltd. (IRIPL)

Identity Retail Innovation Pvt. Ltd (IRIPL) is the top home furnishing and home services company based in Bangalore. IRIPL provides turnkey interior design solutions to hotels, restaurants, offices, spa's. And also provides home interior design solutions on turnkey or job work basis. IRIPL provides expert solutions in modular kitchen, modular wardrobe, traditional wardrobes, living room furniture, plumbing, electrical, carpentry works, gardening, and swimming pool works as well. Turnkey interior design involves interior works, swimming pool, landscaping and gardening,  waterproofing, electronic appliances maintenance, waterproofing, false ceiling works, tiling, painting, polishing, glass works etc. 

Learn more about Identity Retail Innovation Pvt Ltd (IRIPL)  Visit Website:


2nd Top Listed Indian Home Furnishing Companies - Bangalore

Homzbazaar Home Furnishing Business Directory

Homzbazaar Home Furnishing Business Directory is the top niche business directory website for furniture and furnishing industry professionals, traders, manufacturers, dealers and trade and industry. Homzbazaar home furnishing directory provides business listings and opportunity to connect with furniture and furnishing industry businesses in an easy and convenient way.




Home improvement services - produts -IndyaPages

When you consider starting to list home improvement services business, the first step is to take stock of your the available su-categories inside of home improvement services business category. Which is the main category you are involved in? Involved in building and construction? Do you prefer repairing or restoring? Are you a plumber or  doing electrical works? Do you work on long-term projects such as kitchen remodeling, or  do you rather work as needed on appliance repairs?

Do you work on projects that require you to coordinate with your work with others?To finish a basement, for example, you would need plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills. If you don’t have one of those, you’d need to coordinate with someone who does in order to get the job done.

Depending on the scope and field of a job, you may have got a contractor license from state authorities. Whether or not this is required, consider getting bonded and insured to offer you and your clients more protection. This could be considered either by the amount of work available or the costs you can charge for a single job.

Are new homes being built rapidly, or is there little growth? In other words, what area of home improvement business category will give maximum exposure and promotional support for your business? We have provided top 50 sub categories of home improvement businesses below. Chose the one thats close to your area, field you are in. For paid listings services can get multiple sub-categories as well.

50 Best Sub-Categories in Home Improvement Business Services

  1. Lawn Care Services Business

    Lawn care services is a home improvement service based business that any business person who is keen on making cash ought to think about starting. It is a business that is easy to start and manage; lawn cutter, scoop, rake, wheelbarrow and shearer et al. are the basic gear expected to start a lawn care wander

    Landscaping Architecture Services

    Another flourishing, profitable and easy to start home improvement business that a business visionary who is not kidding about making cash ought to consider starting is to offer landscaping services. Landscape architecture is all about the art, planning, designing, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land and the outline of a large man – made construct; it beautifies our condition.

    Interior Decoration and Finishing

    An interior decoration business is a typical home improvement business that a business visionary who is astute and genuine about making cash ought to think about starting. Interior decoration entails giving homes, offices and buildings facelifts; interior decors are usually engaged with activities ranging from shading determinations for apartments, lighting choices, blind choices amongst some many things that are expected to draw out the beauty in a house.

    Plumbing Business Services

    In late time, it appears that handymen are scarce to stop by; the handymen that are available in many groups are insufficient to service the group. So on the off chance that you are searching for a home improvement business to start, at that point one of your choices is to start a plumbing business. State that you would need to acquire a plumbing expertise is you plan starting a plumbing business.

    Painter Services

    One of the easiest ways of enhancing the appearance and stylish of your home is first to paint your house. This demonstrates that there are in reality loads of business open doors for professional painters. So in the event that you are looking towards starting a home improvement business, a business that requires extremely minimal start – up capital and a business that you can effectively operate alone or with at least one representatives, and low level of training, at that point one of your alternatives is to go into home painting business.

    Window Blind Sales and Repair

    Offering, sewing and fixing of window blinds is another lucrative and profitable home improvement business that a business person can effectively state. As a matter of fact, blinds are part of what draws out the interior beauty in a home and there is hardly any apartment that you won't discover window blinds.

    So in the event that you are searching for a straightforward home improvement business to start, a business that you can effectively run alone or with the aid of maybe a couple representatives, at that point one of your choices is to go into the sale, sewing and fixing of window blinds.

    Wallpaper Fixing Services

    One of the easiest medium of making cash from home improvement related business is to go into the fixing of wall papers. Wall papers are presently created in 3D format and they usually change the viewpoint of an apartment once they are utilized.

    Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for a profitable, flourishing, straightforward and financially savvy business to launch in the home improvement line of business, at that point one of your choices is to start fixing wall papers. It is a business that undergrads can fruitful start and manage; it requires only couple of days of training.

    Furniture Polishing and Spraying Services

    Furniture polishing services is yet another flourishing and profitable home improvement business wander that a business visionary who is keen on making cash ought to think about starting. There are loads of individuals who will pay for these services.

    Furniture, for example, cupboard, wardrobe, cabins, shelves, tables, and any wooden items can wake up and shinning if legitimately finished. So in the event that you are searching for a straightforward yet profitable home improvement services to start, at that point one of your alternatives is to go into furniture polishing business.

    Cleaning and Stain Removal Services

    Floor (tiles, marbles, terrazzo and wooden floors et al) cleaning and stain remover services is yet another flourishing and profitable home improvement business that a business person who is keen on making cash from the cleaning and home improvement industry ought to think about starting. This sort of business is a specialty in the cleaning business and it is a business that requires professionalism on like general cleaning services.
  1. Bathtub Reglazing Services

    Because a bathtub reglazing and refinishing costs amongst $250 and $600 rather than more than $1,000 for another tub, renovating remains high on the plan for the day of household beautification, especially in extreme circumstances when cash is tight.

    A bathtub reglazing telecommute business can catch the home-improvement wave, allowing you to earn amongst $30 and $100 60 minutes. For what reason not join the business and earn a decent salary as not all that many individuals are in this line of home improvement services.

    Electrical Services and Fittings Sales

    Another flourishing and profitable home improvement business that any individual who is keen on making cash ought to consider starting is to go into the sale and fixing of electrical lights and fittings. As a matter of fact, with the right lightings the standpoint of a house can dramatically change.

    So on the off chance that you are looking towards starting a home improvement business, at that point one of your alternatives is to go into the sale and fixing of electrical lights and fittings. You may need to acquire electrical trainings for you to have the capacity to effectively launch this sort of business.

    Home Remodelling and Restoration Services

    On the off chance that you adore carpentry, why not start a home remodeling and restoration home based business? You can either offer to make improvements yourself, or in case you're not the handy kind, offer your services as a remodeling and restoration consultant instead. The hourly rate for home remodeling services can be as high as into the triple figures in states, for example, California.

    Stained Glass Works
    Starting a stained glass home based business is one of those home improvement specialty openings that require great hands, an eye for shading and the patience to persevere through the vagaries of a venture with a greater number of practitioners than demand.

    Looking at your opposition's stock and evaluating is critical to gaining a business decent footing. And choosing whether to center around stained glass for windows or handicrafts to offer in galleries or custom installations, will also impact salary stream.

    Appliance Repair Services

    Appliance repair is a great moneymaking open door for mechanically arranged business individuals. Stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, central vacuum frameworks and coolers are only a couple of the home appliances that requirements constant repair and you will have the capacity to repair at rates as high as $75 every hour.

    You will require home-appliance repair training, however certification courses can be finished in under a year, and you can contact the associations recorded underneath to discover classes available in your area.

    Air Conditioning Services

    Calling all air conditioning service and repair trades individuals; it's an ideal opportunity to quit making cash for the supervisor and starting giving your talents something to do for you with your own particular air conditioning service and repair business. And for those of you who are stressed over professional stability and wage: don't. Just premarket your service and build a client base preceding leaving your activity.

    Apartment Prep Services

    At the point when tenants vacate apartments, they usually fail to clean up after themselves. Indeed, even the tidiest tenant can leave a trail of normal wear and tear– carpets that need cleaning, nail gaps to be filled and walls to be painted. And apartment managers and other assorted landlords rarely have the time or the inclination to handle the tasks.

    Yet, in the event that you like transforming shabby to glossy and you're not afraid of a little elbow grease, at that point you can answer an apartment manager's prayers with an apartment prep service. You'll scour bathrooms, kitchens and baseboards, wax floors and shampoo carpets. You'll hurl out garbage, patch openings, paint, and replace cracked windows, severed towel bars and track storage room entryways.

    Gardening Services

    A check out you will reveal that nearly every house has blooms or blossom vases in its frontage. This is because of the ambience and beauty that green leaves give. It is hence that a few people would leave no stone unturned with regards to running gardens for benefit. This is in reality a profitable business, in the event that you know how to tweak things with the goal that you can build a fruitful business.

    Christmas Tree and Christmas Lights Installation

    Amid Christmas season it is the standard for individuals to decorate their houses and offices with Christmas trees and Christmas lights. So on the off chance that you are looking towards starting a home improvement business, at that point one of your choices is to go into the sale and installation of Christmas trees and Christmas lights in homes and offices.

    Although this kind of business is seasonal, yet that does not mean that it's anything but a profitable business dare to engage in. As a matter of fact, you can start this kind of business with practically no startup capital. Simply guarantee that you make utilization of informal exchange and the web to market your services.

    Attic Room Services

    With a large number of homes in North America that have some usable attic space that could easily be transformed into a home office, youngsters' play room, organized storage room, or only a small reading corner. Starting a business that specializes in the installation of small and basic attic rooms may be the business opportunity that you have been searching for.

    Giving that you have a decent working learning of construction practices, as well as information of the most well-known kind of home construction in your locale, there is a decent chance that you will have the capacity to predesign and construct maybe a couple models of the basic attic rooms.

Basement Remodelling

The easiest and least costly technique for adding livable square footage to a house is to remodel the basement into usable living space. Launching another business that specializes in basement remodeling is the focal point of this business endeavor. The main necessity for effectively operating this kind of business is to have considerable construction learning and practical experience.

The business can specialize in one particular kind of basement remodeling, for example, recreation rooms, or the business can deal in basement remodeling in general. The benefit potential for a basement remodeling business can be astounding once the business is established and has a decent customer referral base.

Window Blind Cleaning Services

More residential and commercial property proprietors are presently utilizing window blinds instead of window curtains, and this fact creates a fantastic open door for the venturesome business person to capitalize on by starting a blind cleaning service. There are two or three diverse approaches that can be taken for starting a blind cleaning business.

The first is to expel and label customers' blinds and take them to a central cleaning location. The second choice is to clean the blinds nearby utilizing cleaning tanks that can be mounted in a truck or trailer, or cleaning the blinds nearby by hand utilizing dusters and cleaning agents.

Bug Screening Repairing Services

Starting a screen repair and replacement business could put you on the road to wealth, especially in light of the current mosquito-borne West Nile infection and ever-introduce threat of Africanized honey bees. You will require basic apparatuses and materials to begin'- a miter saw, screen rollers, various screen replacement parts, and a determination of fiberglass and aluminum screen comes in various widths. The business can be operated from an encased trailer or van to give insurance from nasty weather to nearby screen repairs and installations.

Cabinet Door Replacements Services

The average new kitchen costs in the range of $20,000 to install, excluding appliances. Not every person can afford this costly home improvement; be that as it may, it just costs a couple of thousand dollars to update a kitchen's look with new cabinet entryways and hardware.

Starting this business does not require a great deal of ability or capital, and you can generally be totally ready to move for under a $5,000 speculation. There are many house spouses with monstrous looking kitchen who needs you to ask on the off chance that they want to remodel their revolting kitchen. Tap into this wander and earn a decent living.

Tree Trimming and Removal Services

In the event that you are located in a fast creating area where there is constant need to dispose of or trim down trees to hasten up improvement, you can make cash from offering a tree trimming and tree removal services. The activity of a tree trimming company is to prune enormous trees to avoid them causing nuisance to other individuals.

And tree removal is done where a building or a construction venture is about to initiate. With a decent information of how the business functions, getting the required licenses and capital, you can be en route to starting an effective tree trimming and removal business.

Home Remodelling Services

Home remodeling is all about giving a current home a facelift or making an adjustment in the original plan of a building to make it look better and if conceivable to create more space et al. Home remodeling business is an extremely lucrative business especially in groups where houses were worked over quite a while ago; a few people that claims such houses would love to change the outline from the ancient structure it used to be to a model structure.

Carport Conversion Services

Did you realize that most carports share the same impression size and measurements? While this may not appear to be important to the vast majority, it is extremely valuable information on the off chance that you plan to start a business that specializes in changing over carports into garages.

Because of the fact that so many carports share the same measurements, it creates a breathtaking open door for the innovative business person to predesign and build standard carport conversion packs that can be sold on you-install or we-install basis. This kind of business is an ideal candidate for starting from home on a part-time basis until the point that the business is established and profitable.

Carpet Installation Works

Much the same as siding sales and installations, carpet sales and installations have been going solid for over 50 years. The main prerequisite for this sort of home improvement business startup is to have the ability to appropriately install carpeting or have access to qualified installers. To be aggressive in this industry and keep your overheads low, your most solid option may be to stay away from a traditional carpet and flooring showroom and adhere to a versatile showroom via your installation van.

Caulking and Flashing Services

What makes a caulking and flashing service such a fantastic and attractive business startup is the fact that this business wander can be launched for as little as $500 of venture capital, requires little understanding, is a novel service and has a minimal amount of rivalry.

Caulking and flashings have an unequivocal life expectancy and have to be replaced all together for their proposed purposes to be powerful. Besides, the utilizations for caulking and flashings are varied and required on pretty much every standing structure.

Cedar Restoration Services

The average-sized cedar rooftop costs $10,000 to replace; be that as it may, the same cedar rooftop can be reestablished to give the rooftop an additional existence of at least five years for approximately $1,500. This fact is what makes this such a decent business to start. Not exclusively can you save homeowners a considerable amount of cash, you can also utilize this cost savings analysis as your main marketing device.

Ceramic Tiles Sales and Installation

Ceramic tile flooring is also extremely attractive and adds value to any home. To be fruitful in this wander you'll require understanding and learning in the installation of ceramic tile flooring, or have access to qualified tradesmen to do the actual flooring installations.

Operating as a subcontractor service for construction and renovation companies is the logical starting point for this business and as a strategy for keeping the initial business startup expenses to a base. Your customers will be homeowners hoping to update or install new flooring.

Chimney Services

Giving you have basic masonry abilities and experience, starting a chimney repair service can be an extremely profitable business to claim and operate. Block and stone chimneys all require maintenance keeping in mind the end goal to stay structurally stable and perform to their outline specifications.

The best kinds of chimney repairs to center around are repairing or replacing damaged rain pots, rebuilding crowns, installing new base and counter flashing, repainting and sealing block and stone chimneys. The apparatuses and hardware necessary for repairing chimneys are also exceptionally basic and incorporate ladders, rooftop jacks, stone etches, and a couple of hand devices.

Wardrobe Organizers Fittings

Offering and installing wardrobe organizers is an exceptionally modest business you can start and make a beautiful darn great living at. Storage room organizers are exceptionally popular and relatively easy to install. All that is required are a couple of basic hand devices and reliable transportation.

You can market your service to homebuilders and home renovators, as well as straightforwardly to the end customer via trade shows and end of the week mall stand displays. There is rivalry in this industry, so you may want to specialize in one particular brand of wardrobe organizer or become a manufacturer's selective sales and installation representative.

Concrete Stamping works

Concrete stamping and coating are one of the hottest home improvements being carries out by homeowners and contractors alike. This equitable may be the privilege new business for you to start and prevail with. Generally concrete stamping is finished with installations of new concrete driveways, walkways, and patios.

Once the structures are in place, colors have been added, and the concrete is poured utilizing various instruments to create the coveted pattern and appearance on the surface as it cures.

Custom Fireplace Mantel

One of the hottest home improvements at the present time is upgrading or installing new gas fireplaces. Most recently installed fireplaces have one thing in like manner: they require a mantel to suit the fireplace. Building and installing custom fireplace mantels is a great business to start for a man who has ability in construction, or all the more specifically, cabinetmaking.

This kind of business can easily be started for under $1,000 and be operated appropriate from a truck or van. As far as marketing the mantels, there is an interminable supply of potential customers who can give you work, including homebuilders, interior creators, renovation companies, gas fireplace retailers, architects, and utility companies.

Deck Building

One of the fastest growing portions of the home improvement industry is designing, building, and installing custom sundecks. Many of the sundecks that are presently being installed retail for as much as $15,000 and incorporate features, for example, worked in planters, areas for soaked in hot tubs, glass or cast press handrails, and specially manufactured wood furniture to match the sundeck's outline. The most profitable way to operate the business is to offer the sundecks straightforwardly to the end shoppers. Nonetheless, this technique for operating is also the most costly to launch and establish.

Door Installations

Doors installation and replacement ranks number six as the most much of the time finished home improvement renovation. Indeed, present day manufacturing techniques and materials have energized the want for this sort of home improvement.

Recently installed doors not just have better safety and insulation features, these doors are also exceedingly attractive and can enhance the appearance of the home for a relatively small venture. Because of the fact that this is a focused industry, you may want to consider specializing in one particular sort of door or become a selective agent or representative for one door manufacturer.

Drainage Repairs

Prior to the 1970s, many ground drainage frameworks were primarily constructed from clay tiles. After some time, these clay tiles have been damaged by tree roots, or collapse under compacted weight or erosion. These facts have created a fabulous chance to start another business that specializes in repairing and replacing ground drainage frameworks for residential houses. The business can be initiated on a small capital speculation. A large portion of the gear that is required for this home repair service can be leased on an as-required basis.

Drywall Installations

Drywall installation and finishing is a chaotic work that installers avoid doing; which is great for you, if this is the kind of new business you wish to start. The drywall trade requires some practice and time to master. Be that as it may, with a patient soul, you can master the drywall trade rapidly. The fastest way to establish and expand a drywall business is to market the service straightforwardly to homebuilders and renovators.

Glass Block Installations

Starting your own particular glass piece installation service does not require a ton as far as venture or mastery. Almost all home improvement focuses will now make up glass hinder on a custom request basis to fit any size opening. Be that as it may, the installation systems still do require some understanding, yet this can act naturally taught starting with your home, or a companion or relative's home. One thing is without a doubt; it doesn't appear as however glass piece windows will fall from popularity any time soon.

Gutter Protection Works

Would you like to make $50,000 or more every year, and be free inside seven days from now? Assuming this is the case, at that point starting a gutter protection business may be exactly the kind of new business endeavor that you have been searching for. What is a gutter protection business?

Gutter protection is an item that rapidly snaps into place over the highest point of four-and five-inch gutters. Once installed, gutter protection allows water to pass into the gutter, yet not flotsam and jetsam, for example, leaves and small branches.

Handyman Services

Handyman services have been around for several years, and will keep on being around for hundreds all the more, basically because there is a demand for the service and this sort of business wander can make cash. The business requires next to no as far as explanation.

The main necessity for starting a handyman service is, obviously, the fact that you have to be handy and a jack-of-all-trades. At present, handyman charging rates are in the range of $20 to $35 every hour, in addition to materials and a markup on materials cost.

Furniture Repairs and Finishing Business

Reasonable wage can be earned repairing office and residential furniture, as well as refinishing antique furniture. The furniture-repair side of the business can be operated on a portable basis at your client's location, utilizing a completely prepared van.

Potential customers that regularly require furniture repair services incorporate home and office movers, business proprietors, property managers, restaurants, inns, schools, hospitals, organizations, government offices and retailers of new and used furniture.

Fence Repairing

Wall get damaged rapidly however they are easy to repair, and securing work for a fence repair service is significantly easier. By starting wall repairing business, I can guarantee that you can make more than $25,000 every year repairing wall, which isn't bad for a business that can be started for under $1,000.

Home Maintenance and Repair Services

In case you're the sort who can (and likes to) do pretty much anything around the house– patch a leaky faucet, nail down those sagging shingles, paint a wall, unstick a staying door, repair a broken cabinet or build a garbage can fenced in area, at that point this may be the ideal business for you.

You'll be on-call in your neighborhood for all those employments that aren't exactly sufficiently enormous to enlist a costly contractor however are past the homeowner's mastery or time constraints. This is a business with room for development: According to the U.S. Statistics Bureau, Americans spent near $43 million on home maintenance and repairs in a solitary late year.

Hot Tubs Installations

Hot tubs make a great addition to any home. Notwithstanding, the focal point of this new business opportunity isn't aimed at hot tub sales, however at the installation of hot tubs. All together for a hot tub to legitimately work and be safe for the occupants, it must be installed accurately, including the electrical connect and a strong foundation base. Starting your own business that specializes in the conveyance and installation of hot tubs is a great little business dare to launch.

Home Renovation Classes

There are various approaches that can be taken while considering starting a business that teaches homeowners home renovation abilities and systems. The first is to establish a free school and charge understudies an expense to learn a particular home renovation trade, for example, 'how to paint.'

The second approach is to build an alliance or joint wander with a local building or home improvement focus and hold the classes at the building focus. The classes can be free, which are then upheld by the retailer, or there can be an expense charged to the understudies for the class.

Kitchen Facelift Service

The average cost of a total kitchen replacement currently beat $20,000; this is out of the reach of many homeowners. However many of these same homeowners have the financial assets to part with a couple of thousand dollars to get the following best thing which is a professional kitchen facelift.

Leaving the wall and floor cabinets in place, install new doors, countertops, hardware, tile backsplash, accent lighting and trim to make even the bluntest kitchen look new and energizing for a fraction of the cost of a total kitchen replacement.

Mirror Installations

Mirrors are required for pretty much every residential and commercial washroom application, and a mirror sales and installation business can easily be operated from a home garage. All that is required is a truck with a basic glass rack, a couple of apparatuses and the ability to cut glass (or contract an assistant who can cut the glass).

The present rate to install bathroom mirrors is in the range of $5 to $7 per square foot, while the wholesale cost of the mirror is just $2 per square foot. Your math abilities don't have to regard realize that leaves around $4 per square foot only to install the mirror.

Odor Control Services

Trust it or not, odor control and elimination is enormous business. Insurance companies and homeowners burn through a large number of dollars annually in North America to free their homes and buildings of not as much as favorable odors. Flames, surges, leaky rooftops and pets are a couple of the offenders regarding the causes of these annoying odors, and eliminating these odors can earn you enormous benefits.

The best technique for marketing an odor control and elimination service is to establish working relationships with insurance companies and fire and surge restoration companies, as these sources can potentially supply you with more work than you can handle.

Molding Installations

The fastest and least economical way to enhance a home's interior appearance is to install decorative baseboard, crown, and door moldings. The market for interior moldings and installation services is absolutely enormous, both for home renovations and new construction. You can market your items and services to homebuilders, interior decorators, or specifically to shoppers trying to upgrade their homes.

Starting a home improvement business won't not be another idea but rather it is an idea with a lasting impact as you can start any of the above businesses with as low as $500, and earn at least $10,000 annually. The beauty of the business is that the majority of it requires practically zero range of abilities to start however a decided soul to make cash.

Drainage Clearing Works

The fastest and least economical way to enhance a home's interior appearance is to install decorative baseboard, crown, and door moldings. The market for interior moldings and installation services is absolutely enormous, both for home renovations and new construction. You can market your items and services to homebuilders, interior decorators, or specifically to shoppers trying to upgrade their homes.

Starting a home improvement business won't not be another idea but rather it is an idea with a lasting impact as you can start any of the above businesses with as low as $500, and earn at least $10,000 annually. The beauty of the business is that the majority of it requires practically zero range of abilities to start however a decided soul to make cash.

Water Tank Cleaners

The fastest and least economical way to enhance a home's interior appearance is to install decorative baseboard, crown, and door moldings. The market for interior moldings and installation services is absolutely enormous, both for home renovations and new construction. You can market your items and services to homebuilders, interior decorators, or specifically to shoppers trying to upgrade their homes.

Starting a home improvement business won't not be another idea but rather it is an idea with a lasting impact as you can start any of the above businesses with as low as $500, and earn at least $10,000 annually. The beauty of the business is that the majority of it requires practically zero range of abilities to start however a decided soul to make cash.


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